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I'm 21 years old, Just finishing up Law Enforcement Degree. I plan to move to Florida in hopes to pursue modeling career. I recently in March was diagnose with stage 1 cervical cancer and it's been really hard to deal with it. I already have a lung infection and to have another major life changing thing happen to me, its scares me :( I'm to young to be dealing with it all. I joined this blog in hope of finding people to help moral support and know what i'm going through. I love to horseback ride and swim, and love to play the piano.

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May 11, 2015

Duluth, Minnesota

February 28, 1994

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Cervical Cancer

Stage 1 B cervical cancer

Stage 1

You feel so alone. Why did this happen to me :(

Advice, physical support, mental/emotional support

Abnormal bleeding, severe pelvic pain, sweating, pinching in lower back. Tired, discharged tissue.


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